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What Fitness Jumpers in Buffalo, NY are Saying…

“For me, it’s my ‘me time.’ It’s unlike any other class I have ever taken. I went in with an open mind and absolutely love it! It is so much fun and I CAN do it! And the icing on the cake is the group of ladies that we have rebounding are amazing and we all comes back week after week! Maria, thank you for making exercise fun again!”

– Barb Fishback Cross

“OMG. Where do I start? This is exercise without being exercise since it’s so much fun, but it’s a real workout. Great music, great company and a great trainer! Always interesting to talk nutrition since no one is the same and everyone can use fun ideas to eat and think healthy. I’ve been exercising for a long time and this is one of the best classes ever!”

– Diane Charlebois

“For those who know me well, they know I don’t exercise whatsoever. But I joined this rebounding class and I have been going three times a week for a few months now. And I love it! Besides exercise and nutrition, Maria has supplied me with videos on how to sleep better and help with anxiety. It’s a wonderful fitness challenge!

– Michelle McHugh Vandewalker

“I love everything about it! The music, the girls, and especially you Maria! It’s so fun! And we are burning calories, enjoying music and have so much fun! I enjoy the nutrition classes too! It’s nice to learn new things and share ideas. Thanks Maria for all you do for us!”

– Kathy Reidy

“I love rebounding! It doesn’t feel like a workout! The fact that I am not sore after and dreading coming to class is a huge plus for me. Maria’s class is fun and the time goes by so quickly!”

– Jennifer Bortz

“I absolutely love this class! It goes by so fast and the music selection is great. Wasn’t sure how I would feel about the cooldown/meditation, but it’s extremely relaxing!”

– Karen Cantrell

“I absolutely love being part of this group!”

– Patty Brooks

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