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Some Frequently Asked Questions…

What's a class like?

We jump to a wide variety of fun, energizing music…think wedding reception meets the mini-trampoline!

Maria’s rebounding fitness classes provide a unique experience where you can enjoy a great cardio, fat-burning workout that’s gentle on the joints. This is because the ultra-elastic bungee cords on her bellicon® rebounders (mini trampolines) absorb the shock on the body that you would otherwise feel doing jumping jacks and other moves on the ground, or on a cheaper, metal spring-based rebounder.

Maria has clients who have rheumatoid arthritis, fibromyalgia and even a partial knee replacement who are thrilled to find that they can enjoy cardio exercise once again without suffering in pain. Each rebounder has a support bar so you can feel confident and supported as you build your balance, and research shows that rebounding also aids in building bone density.

Fitness classes are 55 minutes and include a warm-up, cardio to fun music, toning with weights (you can choose from 2lb, 3lb, 5lb or 10lb weights) and a gentle cool down. We recently extended the fitness classes from 45 to 55 minutes to include ten minutes of guided meditation and relaxation.

Women (and sometimes men) in Maria’s classes range in age from 18 to 70 years old and span a wide variety of fitness levels. All are welcome! Maria teaches modified versions of each move and encourages everyone to go at their own pace and trust their bodies.

What days/times are classes?

All-level rebounding fitness classes are Monday, Tuesday and Thursday from 6-7pm *Starting in June, classes will be Monday, Wednesday and Thursday from 6-7pm. 

Where are classes held?

Maria lives in Cheektowaga off Losson Road in a beautiful neighborhood right across the street from Stiglmeier Park. Address: 172 Whitney Place, Cheektowaga, NY 14227. Rebounding fitness classes are held indoors in Maria’s home studio for the colder months and outdoors in the summer months.

What kind of rebounders (mini-tramplines) do you use?

bellicon®: the only fitness product in history to earn an endorsement from the American Chiropractic Association for its customizable and safety features.

The rebounders Maria invested in—that provide you with the best low-impact bounce & class experience possible—retail $900-$1,000 per rebounder. Maria made the investment so you can enjoy a fun, uplifting fitness experience that’s very low-impact on the body in a community of supportive women. If you’d like to learn more or order your own bellicon® for home use, you can order here.

*As a certified bellicon® rebounding fitness instructor, Maria is also an affiliate of bellicon. If you order a bellicon rebounder for home use through her affiliate link she will give you a free classes as a thank you if you live in Western New York, or a private Facetime or Zoom training call if you live elsewhere.

What is the weight limit on a rebounder for Maria’s classes?
Maria uses bellicon® rebounders for her fitness classes, the only rebounder (mini-trampoline) in the world that affords you the opportunity to choose which bungee band strength you’d like to use based on your weight, health goals and bounce preference. Maria has rebounders available for her fitness classes with STRONG and EXTRA-STRONG bungee bands.

*If you’d like to take Maria’s fitness classes and need a different bungee band strength besides STRONG or EXTRA-STRONG, let Maria know by emailing her at or call/text her at 716-510-4402.

Why are Maria’s rebounders so gentle on the body?
Maria invested in bellicon® rebounders, which she considers after research and testing to be the best mini-trampoline in the world! bellicon’s custom-formulated bungees are designed to perfectly balance resistance with elasticity, giving you the most effective, most enjoyable performance of any exercise trampoline. bellicon’s bungees come in a variety of resistance levels to fit every body weight and training objective.

The metal springs or knock-off bungees that other companies offer don’t come close to offering the bounce of the bellicon. Only bellicon has five different bungee strengths to guarantee you get the best possible bounce cycle…one that’s smooth, energizing and gets you fit from head to toe. That’s because bellicon’s bungees are made with their own synthetic latex recipe, making them much more elastic than standard bungees. And since bellicon bungees are easy to change, you can adjust your resistance level as your weight and workout style evolves.

Some of Maria’s clients have rheumatoid arthritis, fibromyalgia and even a partial knee replacement, and can enjoy aerobic exercise with friends once again without being in pain thanks to the superior craftsmanship of the bellicon® rebounder. And Maria invested in the rebounders so you don’t have to! All you have to do is sign up for her group fitness classes and have fun with your girlfriends!

How can I order a bellicon® rebounder for home use?

As a certified bellicon® rebounding fitness instructor, Maria is also an affiliate of bellicon. If you order a bellicon rebounder for home use through her affiliate link she will give you a free classes as a thank you if you live in Western New York, or a private Facetime or Zoom training call if you live elsewhere.

*Maria uses the bellicon® Plus 44-inch rebounders for her classes with the T-bar, and has a 49-inch Classic rebounder for personal use. Maria also uses the STRONG and EXTRA-STRONG bungee bands in her fitness classes held in the Buffalo, NY area.

What’s so great about rebounding?

Did You Know?

• Rebounding exercise is twice as effective at improving aerobic fitness and 50% more efficient at burning fat than running, yet requires less effort?!
*International Journal of Sports Science

• New research confirms the effectiveness of rebounding exercise to significantly improve fitness, even when following a relatively light workout schedule.
**German Journal of Sports Medicine

It’s the most FUN you’ll ever have while exercising!

What should I bring to class?
A water bottle, washcloth or towel and your beautiful self! 🙂
Will I pee my pants if I jump?
It’s the question women ask Maria ALL the time in private so she’s addressing the elephant in the room. Some women who have weak pelvic floor muscles may experience minor incontinence while they bounce in the beginning.

The good news is rebounding (jumping on a mini-trampoline) helps to strengthen the pelvic floor muscles over time so you prevent further weakening and even regain the pelvic floor muscle strength you once enjoyed. Some of the moms and grandmas in Maria’s classes wear a pad so they feel comfortable bouncing while they strengthen their pelvic floor muscles and enjoy a fun cardio workout that’s gentle on the joints.

*If you are experiencing considerable incontinence due to a prolapse of the organs into the vagina, please consult with your doctor before engaging in rebounding or other forms of aerobic exercise.

What causes the pelvic floor muscles to weaken?

Pregnancy and childbirth in women
Evidence suggests that problems can start during pregnancy, not just after birth. Women who have had multiple births, instrumental births (with forceps or ventouse), severe perineal tearing or large babies are at greater risk of pelvic floor muscle damage.

Straining on the toilet
Chronic or repeated straining on the toilet (associated with constipation) can lead to pelvic floor weakness and/or prolapse of the organs into the vagina (for women) or the anus (the rectal lining protrudes from the anus). It is important to address the cause of constipation and learn good toilet habits.

Chronic coughing
An ongoing cough for any reason (for example, asthma, bronchitis or a smoker’s cough) increases the risk of urinary incontinence and prolapse.

Heavy lifting
Heavy lifting can create pressure on the pelvic floor and ultimately lead to prolapse. Men and women in certain professions such as nursing or courier services are at particular risk. People performing heavy weight training at a gym can also be at risk of straining the pelvic floor.

High impact exercise
Participating in high impact sports such as basketball or running can mean an increased risk of leaking urine, especially for women. This applies to elite athletes as well.

Pelvic floor muscles tend to get weaker with increasing age. Pelvic floor muscle exercises can help strengthen them at any age.


Being overweight increases the risk of leaking urine and may place greater strain on the pelvic floor.
*excerpt from Continence Foundation of Australia

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