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A Little About Maria Pascucci…

My name is Maria, and I’m a certified bellicon rebounding fitness instructor, life coach, nutrition coach and national speaker. 

I first discovered the benefits of rebounding in my nutrition coach training program. If you’re wondering what the heck rebounding is, it’s bouncing on a mini-trampoline. 

I’ll bet you’d be surprised to learn that according to a study that was published in the International Journal of Sports Science, rebounding exercise is twice as effective at improving aerobic fitness and 50% more efficient at burning fat than running, yet requires less effort?! 

I learned that rebounding was a highly effective way to cleanse the lymphatic system, boost the immune system, increase balance, burn fat, shrink cellulite, strengthen and tone all 638 muscles in our bodies and release stress. 

So I purchased a cheap rebounder for $40 at the store, jumped every single day on it for 30 minutes and wore the rebounder out in a month. While I liked rebounding, I didn’t notice any profound difference in my health with the cheap model. Plus the squeaky noise from the metal springs was highly annoying!

My husband and I researched to find the best rebounders on the market. Then I invested in a bellicon® rebounder with ultra-elastic bungee cords and a sophisticated suspension system…All I gotta say is OMG!!! WHAT A DIFFERENCE!!!

Within one month of bouncing on my bellicon® rebounder, I discovered that:

  • Exercise became one of the most fun, joy-filled moments of my day
  • I had more energy
  • My skin glowed
  • My balance & flexibility improved
  • Even though I was performing a higher intensity aerobic exercise, I was in zero pain the next day because rebounding on a bellicon® absorbs the shock on the body that we get while running or jumping on hard surfaces
  • My legs and behind firmed up more than ever before (bonus!)
  • I go to a naturopathic doctor because I have autoimmune health issues and she started seeing improvements in my lymphatic system and overall health!

I discovered that bouncing on my mini-trampoline calms my nervous system, releases endorphins and elevates me to joy through the toughest moments of adversity so I can show up for myself, and all the people who count on me. It’s one of my favorite stress management and self-care tools.

But WHY turn my passion for rebounding into a local business? Why not just remain content bouncing alone in my living room? 

Well, it’s because community is one of my top core values and because I love Western New York. I grew up in the Buffalo area. My husband and I moved to Florida for two years, and together, we chose to return home because we missed our city. 

And while I was totally fine bouncing solo in my living room, I realized it could be so much more impactful if I invited my community to join the fun. So I flew to New York City and earned a certification as a bellicon® rebounding fitness instructor.

The rebounders I invested in for my classes—that provide you with the best low-impact bounce & class experience possible—retail $900-$1,000 per rebounder. I made the investment so you don’t have to. All you have to do is show up for classes and enjoy a fun, uplifting, one-of-a-kind fitness experience in a community of supportive women. (yes we occasionaly have men join our classes too and they’re welcome!) 

People are lonely. I’ve experienced loneliness. I’ll bet you have you too. In a world increasingly driven by social media and online engagement, people are becoming starved for face-to-face human contact. 

It is time to come together again in local communities and connect with each other while getting fit! I invite you to join me and try out an upcoming class or fitness challenge. We look forward to bouncing with you! 


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